An Analysis of the EU Assistance to Pakistan in the Wake of Climate Change with a Focus on Monsoon Flooding




EU-Pakistan, Climate change crisis, Multi-Annual Indicative Programme (MIP), Sustainability, Environmental policies, Monsoon Flooding, EU assistance, Donations.


This article explores the current development in the EU – Pakistan relations, particularly focuses on a new program by the EU, the Multi-Annual Indicative Programme (MIP for 2021-2027) in August 2022. It meant to support social mobilization, humanitarian and community-based projects that are in line with the EU-Pakistan Engagement Plan 2019. This article also concerns itself with the climate change issues in Pakistan with focus on rising events of catastrophic floods which gain attention of international community to assist the people stranded in disarray. The situation raised a dire need of awareness campaigns to relate self-reliance activities to manage climate related disaster managements. It explores the EU’s environmental policies and practices made towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs). It further analyzes through the lens of the EU’s successive projects and policies to adapt and mitigate the climate change crisis in Europe and its assistance programmes to other countries like Pakistan. It highlights the responses of international community towards Pakistan, after the country was hit by unprecedented heavy monsoon rains.


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Dr. Tasawar Hussain, and Ms. Ramisha Siddiqui. “An Analysis of the EU Assistance to Pakistan in the Wake of Climate Change With a Focus on Monsoon Flooding”. Journal of European Studies (JES) 39, no. 2 (July 4, 2023): 55. Accessed June 15, 2024.