Archiving and Repository Policy

The author(s) have the right to self-archiving their work, published by the Journal of European Studies (JES). The author(s) are free to deposit their research paper [any version] to preserve their publications in any Archiving agency and Repository [online or manual] of their own choice.

The publisher of the JES has no objection if the author’s self-achieved documents (papers in JES) are placed on his/her professional website or institutional or subject repository.  

JES encourage sharing knowledge to the maximum by making the publications accessible from several digital and academic archives around the world. The editor will appreciate it if the author acknowledge their repository inclusion.

All papers published by the Journal of European Studies are stored on the journal's website as well as in the Google Scholar repository and other places. Contents published by JES with Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are submitted to CrossRef for digital archiving for long-term digital preservation.