Far-Right Extremism in Europe


  • Mr. Syed Shehzad Ali


Far-right extremism, terrorism, violence, hate crime, transnational, laws, media bias, xenophobia, Islamophobia, Europe, European security, US.


Religious extremism and terrorism in the name of Islam have been contentious issues in Europe and the West for well over a decade. Far-right extremism, however, is an emerging spectre that haunts Europe today. While there are indeed concerns about right-wing terrorism in Europe that are growing owing to a series of recent attacks by right-wing terrorists, far-right extremism is still low on the security agenda in Europe. This is despite the transnational nature of the far-right movement which makes it potentially dangerous for Europe and the West. This paper discusses challenges and complexities in countering far-right extremism, such as Western media bias, the definition of right-wing terrorism and violence, and laws related to far-right extremism. It has suggested to the European policymakers to revisit their security narrative for countering far-right extremism.


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Author Biography

Mr. Syed Shehzad Ali

M.Phil/Ph.D Student at the Area Study Centre for Europe, University of Karachi.




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Mr. Syed Shehzad Ali. “Far-Right Extremism in Europe”. Journal of European Studies (JES) 37, no. 1 (January 14, 2021): 119–139. Accessed December 6, 2022. https://asce-uok.edu.pk/journal/index.php/JES/article/view/171.