Sanctions on Iran And the Role of the EU: An Overview


  • Ms. Sehar Azhar Dar


Sanctions, trade relations, economic structure, petrochemicals, IAEA


The Islamic Republic of Iran has been bearing the burden of sanctions from the international community, especially from the United States, for decades. The sanctions reduced Iran, economically, to one of the weakest states in the world. No stability can be seen on an economic and political domain in real terms, so, the economic crisis faced by the country right now is at its worst. The purchasing power of the people is getting drop day by day and the economic structure has been paralysed. With all these socio-economic and political issues, the country is facing turmoil internally, and the policies and pressure from international entities are another issue for Iran. Also, the nuclear enrichment program of Iran is one of the major reasons behind all the hardship facing the government and the people of Iran as well. Although, Iran has made clear at many international forums several times that this nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but the international community and, more specifically, the United States retain doubts about Iran and put pressure on other countries to create limited opportunities for Iran until they will make sure that they will not do anything wrong. In this scenario, the EU always creates some comfort for Iran and maintains relations with Iran, whether economic (trade relations) or the relations in other sectors of cooperation as well.


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Author Biography

Ms. Sehar Azhar Dar

Research Associate at the Area Study Centre for Europe, University of Karachi. 




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