M.Phil/M.S/Ph.D Programme in European Studies

The Centre’s Academic Staff trained in European Union subjects in European Universities, and after completion of the programme in August 2002, took over the responsibility of teaching these advanced courses in the M.Phil coursework programme.

Registration and Qualification:

A candidate for registration in the M.Phil/M.S Course Work Programme must have at least a Master’s degree (minimum 2nd class), preferably with a demonstrated ability to undertake high-level research. Candidates are required to clear a test conducted by the Centre with a minimum of 50% marks.

Students are initially enrolled on a provisional basis for two-semester coursework in European Studies. After passing 24 credit hours of coursework with a 3.0 CGPA (minimum) in the M.Phil coursework programme, students become eligible for thesis writing. MS students (without thesis) are required to complete 30 credit hours of Course Work only. After completing the course work, they submit their thesis plans for approval by the Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB), University of Karachi. The students are then enrolled as full-fledged M.Phil students. After due process, the degree in European Studies is conferred by the University of Karachi.

M.Phil. Course Titles

1st Semester:
  • ‌Research Methodology
  • Political Geography of Europe
  • Theory and Practice of European Integration
  • The European Union’s External Relations
2nd Semester:
  • ‌Research Communication Skills
  • Modern European Political History
  • The EU Common Foreign and Security Policy
  • EU’s Economic Policies

M.S Course Titles

3rd Semester:
  • System of Government and Governance in the EU
4th Semester:
  • The Euro-Transatlantic Relations

Ph.D. Course Titles

  • European Union Law
  • The Economics of European Integration

Fee Structure

M.Phil/M.S Course Work:
  • Admission Form Processing Fee Rs. 3000/-
  • Admission Fee Rs. 20000/-
  • Tuition/Semester Fee Rs. 30000/- (Per Semester)
  • Tuition/Semester Fee Rs. 20000/- (3rd/4th Per Semester)
  • Departmental Charges Rs. 3500/- (Per Semester)
  • Examination Fee Rs. 1200/- (Per Semester)
Ph.D Course Work:
  • Admission Form Processing Fee Rs. 3000/-
  • Admission Fee Rs. 20000/-
  • Tuition/Semester Fee Rs. 35000/- (Per Semester)
  • Departmental Charges Rs. 5500/- (Per Semester)
  • Examination Fee Rs. 1000/- (Per Semester)