Cooperation & Coordination with Pakistani & Foreign Institutions

Coordination with the Government Departments, Research and Academic Institutions.

The Centre on the request of the Foreign Office prepared two research monographs entitled Europe ’s Role in the Emerging New World Order: Prospects, Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan by Prof. Dr. Naveed Ahmad Tahir and The Single European Market 1992: Implications for the Pakistan’s Economy and Prospects to meet its Challenges by Ms. Nasreen Areola.

Recently another research paper on Immigration to Europe: Myths and Realities by Dr. Tasneem Sultana, Professor, Area Study Centre for Europe was written on the request of Foreign Office.

Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Defence University (Islamabad), the Air War College (Karachi), the Quetta Staff College, the Naval Staff College (Karachi) and scholars from the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI), the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) Islamabad, the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad and the other Area Study Centres are regularly invited to attend the international seminars organized by the Centre. All the publications of the Centre including its Journal of European Studies are sent to these institutions.

Cooperation with Foreign Institutions:

The ASCE has been coordinating academic activities (International Seminars, Workshops, lectures etc) with the following foreign Institutions and organizations:

Name of Foreign Institution/Organization:
  • The European Union
  • The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Germany
  • The Goethe Institute, Karachi
  • The European Commission, Brussels
Cooperation Programme:
  • The European Studies Programme (1999-2002)
  • JEAN MONNET PROJECT (2001-2004)/Jean Monnet Chair of European Political Science
  • Sixteen International Seminars and several Workshops Conferences
  • Three International Conferences and several Talks.
  • European Commission’s Asia link programme (CLIMA PROJECT) on environment