Area Study Centre for Europe

The Area Study Centre for Europe, University of Karachi was established alongwith five other Area Study Centres (situated in major state sector Universities of Pakistan) by an act of parliament (ASC Ac No XLV,1975) in 1975. The Centre is an autonomous institution, under the academic discipline of the University of Karachi, supervised by a Board of Governors. It is funded by the Federal Government.

The Centre is slightly isolated from the hustle and bustle of mainstream University departments. The centre provides a peaceful atmosphere for teaching and research at the M.Phil/PhD level. Its M.Phil course work programme in European studies spread over two semesters is designed to give students a thorough understanding of contemporary Europe. Besides traditional subjects like European history, philosophy and thoughts, the courses are now focused on the European Union, its politics, law, economics, external relationships and common foreign and security policy. Europe’s relation with Pakistan, the Muslim world and the developing world are given particular importance.

The research findings of the Centre’s research staff are published in the form of books, monographs and profiles. The centre also publishes the bi-annual Journal of European Studies, which covers articles on contemporary European issues.

The Centre also offers courses in English, French and German languages at the certificate level and diploma in the English and French language.